3 DAN (Sandan)

  • All promotion requirements for 2nd Dan must be met.
  • A minimum of three years must have passed since 2nd Dan acquisition.
    Candidate must be at least 18 years old at the time of Grading. This rule is absolute and no exception will be made even if requirement for 2 above can be met.
  • Candidate must be able to perform the following Kata: Seipai, Kanku, Naifanchin-Sandan, and two Bo-jutsu Kata (Oshiro no Kon ,Shushi no kon,Ryubi no Kon).
  • Candidate must be able to instruct Kata-bunkai of up to all 2nd Dan kata.
  • Candidate must be able to break 1 concrete block or 10 Kawaras with either Seiken or Shuto.
  • Candidate must demonstrate excellent skill in Kumite: (30-man Kumite or equivalent must be held at Grading.)
  • Candidate must possess the personality of a teacher.
  • Candidate must have strong knowledge of health and the human body.
  • Candidate must have formal qualification and significant experience as a center ring tournament referee.
  • Candidate must be sure to fulfill other requirements specific to their branch, such as participation in seminars, camps and tournaments.