Kyokushin-kan’s Mission

At Kyokushin-kan, our mission is to DEFEND, REVITALIZE, and ADVANCE the teaching of Kyokushin’s founder, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. Defending Sosai’s teaching means preventing any deterioration of the best that Kyokushin was durhing Sosai’s lifetime. Revitalizing it means, in some cases, reintroducing elements of Kyokushin training that helped make Kyokushin what it is, but that were no longer popular at the time of Sosai’s death. And, finally, advancing Sosai’s legacy means allowing the style to develop into realms that it may not have yet gone during Sosai’s lifetime, but that which we believe he would have supported.

Additionally, our mission is to propagate and defend the teaching of our chairman, Kancho Hatsuo Royama, as he exists as a rare example of an instructor of Kyokushin Karate who not only spent more years studying under Mas Oyama than nearly any other Japanese instructor, but who also gained experience from several other key sources to enhance his understanding of Mas Oyama’s teaching. Among others key points, is our desire to UNIFY Kyokushin, not by driving all Kyokushin students to join Kyokushin-kan under Kancho Royama, but rather by cooperating with all Kyokushin students (and organizations) by maintaining an open-door policy towards participation in national and international events.

Thus far, our efforts to enact this goal  consist of the pursuit and understanding of         
  1. kata and bunkai
  2. ki energy training through Ikken
  3. shinken shobu punch-to-face tournament rules
  4. training in traditional weapons of Japan (bo, jo, sai, tonfa)
  5. improved elements of IKO tournament rules stressing fairness, honor, and     safety while making the bouts as realistic as possible
  6. improved stepping and stance (tachi kata)
  7. manner and strict adherence to the sempai/koohai system
  8. unification with all of Kyokushin through cooperation
  9. a stricter re-definition of the use of “shihan,” and others. Other pages on this site will introduce many of these priorities in detail.